|| Shri Om Sai Digambara ||
|| Jai Ambe ||
Jyotisha shines light upon our lifes which tells our journey and purpose and helps us eliminating shadows of doubt & confusion.jyotish guides right actions which leads us to greater joy & well-being as we integrate change and grow through the enfoldment of time.

Vedic astrology is always considered scared and holy it is also called a jyotishay sanskrit the vedic atrology system of india has been most reliable astro systems which has been tested by times & trusted by generations. Jyotisha denotes the scince of life, jyotisha is believed to have its origin from the sacred scriptures or the holy vedas, it seeks too comprehend the influenences that approach a person from the universal front, Hindu astrology is a sytem that helps to forecast future.

Like all Heavly bodies the moon exerts a powerful influnece on your astrological destiny.Your karmas in past life leads to your Destiny in future. Few Questions such as what is your purpose in life? , Are you heading in right Direction in life? etc.

Shri jeetendra Maharaj provides all the answers to all the questions and some of most complex isssues that we face in our lifes. Come to us and Discover the power of vedic astrolgoy with these unique and exclusive personalized recording based on your individual birth data.

Astrology at high levels is a mastery of its particular science and the intuitive arts. As the earliest known ordering of existence, long before recorded history, it's been called the "Mother of all Sciences."