|| Shri Om Sai Digambara ||
|| Jai Ambe ||
They say a Picture is worth a thousand words. Just imagine that what the image of your face is saying about you.

Shri Jeetendra Maharaj has a specialisation in Face reading art . By reading a person's face he can tell about the overall personality, your strengths, how you think, how you react, your stress level, how you handle money and may more things.

Shri Jeetendra Maharaj states the your face is living road map of your life. your face reveal the "Real -You" and your strengths and internal influcenes that causes you to behave and think in a certain way.

               Face Reading
Face reading is a fascnaiting technique in which character motivation and destiny can be appraised. This include the fascial structure ,features & expressions. In every sphere of life when we consciously look to to non -verbal signals and cues that us an offer insight in to what people are really thinking.

Example : The forehead shows in intelligance, the eyes show creativity and communications, the nose finance and family orientation, the lips shows the communication while other physical appetites as well.

Face reading
is ancient, yet it is an accurate and effective way to uncover anyone's potential, abilities, and personality, including your own.